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Suffering from Asthma, Headache or Indoor Allergies???
Well, What You See, Is What You Breathe!!!
The Solution Is: Complete Air Duct Cleaning and Mold Remediation.

Professional Equipment

This Is How We Do It!!!

In order to remove the dust and debris out of your duct work we use very powerful industrial vacuum machine, which we connect in to your air handler unit and the main duct line.

2. After the first step is done, we remove all the supply vents covers and we insert air hose to crate a push pull effect. At the edge of this is hose we connect an agitator, which is have duty brash that spins as long as we force compressed air in to the hose and as a result of that all of the dust and debris which has been accumulated in your duct work are pushed down the duct system and sack by the powerful vacuum we connected to the main duct line. We repeat this process through the entire duct work and we clean all the supply and return vents.

3.  Servicing the Air Handler Unit:

When we done servicing the entire duct work, we also clean the air handler unit (furnace) this include cleaning of the evaporator Coil, the fan and removal of all dust and debris. We also replace the filter and if needed we provide mold remediation treatment. This step is only required if we find mold or mildew in the system during the cleaning. Only in case like that we will also need to apply chemical treatment to remove the mold and this will require you to leave the house for at least one hour.

Give Your Family The air Quality They Deserves
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Indoor Air Quality
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