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Do You Wish To Smile Like That After Your Move Is Over???

Why Do They Smile? The answer is simple; they have just enjoyed our moving service. We believe that knowing that their belonging were taking care of by professional movers and the cost effective price were reason enough to smile.

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Moving Services (888) 887-4659
Washington DC, Maryland, Northern Virginia Movers.

I was Looking for Movers In Washington DC and found these movers and just want to share with you how was my move.
I just wanted to say that these movers did a great job...
From first moment of contact; the moving consultant at the office was very helpful & informative. This was actually one of the main reasons why I have chosen these movers. As I was promised they showed up on time & worked really fast. I truly believe that these movers fully deserve my time investment in writing this testimonial. In addition, I want that other people will have the opportunity to enjoy their excellent moving services.
My Move with this moving company from Silver Spring Maryland to Washington DC was very good.
This moving company is by far one of the best...
I can't express my feeling in writing, but I believe that allowing them to take my picture after the move and present it on their site is one of the best ways for me to say thank you for making my move affordable and easy. I will absolutely recommend your moving company to all of my friends.
While planning our move, we were interviewing few moving companies, we found that this moving company was the most affordable choice.
While planning our move...
We were interviewing few moving companies over the phone. One of our calls was this local moving company, which we immediately felt connection with and we were able to tell that this will be the right choice, the mover representative at the office side was very informative and showed us few ways of how to reduced our moving cost and make our move more affordable. We just want other people to know that they provided us with excellent moving service.
I called them for a free moving estimate and received outstanding and very much appreciated moving consulting.
After my move...
I have been kindly asked by the movers to take picture with them so they can place in their web page, I have been also asked and agreed to write a moving review for them. I just wanted you to know that I called them for a free moving estimate and received outstanding and very much appreciated moving consulting, which I believe helped me save a lot of money. The services cost at the moving day was almost an exact match of my moving quote. I truly appreciate it.
While searching for local office movers, we have found the ad of these fantastic and professional movers.
While searching for local office movers,
we have found the ad of these fantastic and professional movers. We explained them that although it will be a small commercial move, we still need it to be done professionally. The movers showed up with fully equipped moving truck with ramp and a lift gate, they have bring with them many hand truck and file boxes and truly did an amazing  job. This is why I have taken the time to write this movers review for them, thank you very much.

Our Experienced and Trained Moving Team
Are Always Happy to Offer Courteous Service with a Smile

Local and Long Distance Moving Services.

We are committed to provide outstanding moving services. Get a free moving estimate for local or interstate move. We offer Reliable Moving & Storage Services, at an affordable moving rate.

Local Movers:

We have affordable moving services deals for any size of apartment from 2 men and a truck for a small studio apartment move to a 3 and 4 men crew for larger apartments please contact us today and check out for affordable apartment moving services rates and special promotion for your up and coming move. Last Minute Moves are Welcome. Serving Washington DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia. Fill out the online moving quote request form and our relocation specialist will contact you promptly with all of the information you needs.

Long Distance | Interstate Moving Services:

We can pick up your shipment any where around the District Metro including MD & VA and We Can Deliver Nationwide.

From the East to the West Coast we can do it fast, also if you need temporarily or long term storage facilities we have climate control secured storage facility. Allow our long distance moving specialists to provide you with a complementary moving consulting, we only offer the highest level of quality service this means efficient relocation services at reasonable cost.

Commercial and office Moving Services:

Commercial Office Movers: Fully Equipped Moving Vans: Trained, courteous and uniformed personnel, fully licensed, we also provide floors and walls protections. Heavy Manufacturing Equipment, Printing Presses, Medical Equipment, Electronic Equipment and More. The trucks equipped with special heavy-duty hand trucks and moving dolly, automatic lift gate with lifting capacities up to 60,000 pounds, this enable us to handle any office or commercial move. 

We Also Offer Additional Related Moving Services, Such As:

Steam Cleaning Services: Carpet, Rugs and Upholstery Cleaning (866) 496-9848

24 Hour Locksmith Services, Lock Change Re-keying Services and New Lock Installation (888) 601- 6937

Home Improvement, Hardwood Floor Refinishing, Marble Restoration and New Floor Installation.
Bathroom Renovation and Kitchen Remodeling
 (888) 699 - 6764

Interior Home Design - New Shutters and Blinds Installation, Shades and Draperies Cleaning (888) 887- 4659

I contact Services Squad to use their help finding moving company for local moving services. At the same time, they also offers me excellent discounted rate for lock changing at my new house. I wasn't comfortable not knowing who else might have the keys to my home. Two weeks after they also did carpet cleaning for me, these guys are amazing.  They truly offer affordable services rates all under one roof if you ask me, you should give them a call.

While viewing the pictures of our satisfied customers and the testimonial they have given us, you probably noticed that these customers have a big smile of satisfaction on their face. We believe that there are few reasons, which can explain why they are able to smile like that after their move is over.


1. They have just had experience with a moving company which is committed to out standing moving services.


2. After their move is over, they already know that their belonging have been taken care of by professionals movers and nothing damaged.


3. They already know that the our crew was very helpful and courteous


4. They know that their move was cost effective.


Since we base our moving services on referrals, we will make sure that you will be a satisfied customer. There is only one question you need to ask yourself.


Do you want to be able to smile and look like these customers after your move?


If the answer is yes, we can assure you, that if you choose our moving and storage services, you will be able to release the stress, save money and enjoy your moving day.


There are few things we would like you to know about our moving services:


We provide Local | Intrastate moving service as well as Long Distance | Interstate moving services. We can pick up anywhere around Washington DC, Maryland as well as Northern Virginia and we are able to deliver nationwide.

For a local move like many other moving companies, we base our charges on an hourly rate. For that reason, it is important to understand that since moving companies charge you by an hourly rate, you should do what ever you can to reduce the time that your move supposed to take.


We actually allow you to participate and take active part in your moving process, reducing the time that your move supposed to take and save money and we actually teach you how to do it. Give Us a Call Today and lets us show you how you could save between 1 hour to 2 hours off your move and by that save you up to $200 off your moving cost.


We offer a written moving estimate via email. At the same time it will be good if we could invest some time over the phone to learn about your moving needs.


We are always happy to provide full explanation of the terms and conditions of our moving services. We do not have fine print in our moving contract, or any hidden fees. Everything Is Straightforward As It Should Be. Take advantage on our grate offer. Receive Complimentary Moving Consultation and Honest Moving Quote.



Moving In or Out, Let's Sit Down and Talk.


If you would like to receive an accurate moving estimate, it is very important to discus and understands your moving need to their details. Conducting business online or only via email could be very general and not specific enough. You don't want to obtain only general basic information you deserve more than that. Call us today, let's talk, we are here to listen and take some notes and we are able to provide answer for any of your moving needs. We always want to learn about your moving needs so I can provide you with accurate moving estimate and better moving services.


We want to make it affordable for you to use our moving services and choose our movers.


In order to help you with you move, we will provide you with a free last minute self packing kits, which include five moving boxes from different sizes. We bring these moving boxes with us at the day of the move in order to help you with the last items you might forget to pack.


We also include with our moving rates free Basic Liability Coverage of .60 cents per pound per item.  This liability coverage comes free with your move and actually provides you with a basic coverage of 60 per pound just in case something happened. Important:  All of the movers, who are working with us, are doing it for long time and they are most professional. Therefore, it safe to assume that this basic coverage will be sufficient. However, if you wish you may always pay for additional valuation coverage.


We will provide you with free Double Quilted Blankets and Moving Pads:


In order to protect all of your wooden furniture, the movers will bring with them a lot of blankets. This means that all of your wooden furniture would be wrapped top to bottom with these blankets, while moving the item and maneuvering it down the stair cases or through the door the blankets will help in preventing any possible damage to the item it self or to your property.

Like any other moving company, the cost of the packing and non-reusable wrapping supplies, is not included with the moving price.


Packing and wrapping materials will be available on the truck, you would be able to purchase them from the driver at an additional cost and the total cost will be determined upon the usage of these materials if being used.


Our previous experience indicate that even when customers are sure that they have packed most of their belonging by themselves and everything is good and ready in boxes, there are always items that customer usually don't pack and usually these items are delicate and definitely need to be wrapped with non-reusable supplies, such as: bubble wrap and cardboard, in order to product them and to assure that these items won't get damaged, this will accrue additional charges as we can't really use these supplies again we must apply the cost to the final moving cost.


For example; if you have a T.V., glass table top or china cabinet with glass doors or glass shelves. Or any other glass or other delicate items that you could not pack by your self like large mirrors, wall pictures and painting. These items will need to be wrapped with bubble wrap and be surrounded with cardboard so they won't damage. Therefore, if our movers need to provide these materials, it will accrue additional charges.

The most important thing for our moving company is to provide our customers with all the information and related moving charges they need to know about prior to their move. So they would be able to enjoy their moving experience with us.
Contact us toady toll free (888) 887-4659 and schedule your move with us, by choosing our moving company, you are assuring that you will be able to enjoy your moving day as much as possible.

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