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Tip of the day!!! How to remove wine stains off your carpet?

Poured wine on carpet??? Prepare a cleaning solution: Add a tablespoon of hand dishwashing soap and a tablespoon of white vinegar to two cups of warm water. Using white cloth, only – so pigment from the cloth doesn't bleed into your carpet – apply a small pour onto the stain, blotting frequently until the stain vanishes. Believe It!!! In case that you started late and the wine stain is already dry and the above method don't work for you; simply take one spoon of same wine and revive the dry wine stain simply by making it wet with the same wine, wait 15 minute than try the above method again, most likely you should be successful. However, if you need an additional professional carpet cleaning services do not hesitate to contact us.

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Do Not KILL Your Husband over this one!!! Simply contact Carpet Cleaning Squad at 888-887-4659 We will take care of it for you (Not the Killing) The Carpet Cleaning ONLY 😉  🐸

Real customer testimonial!!!

I've been so stressed about my living room carpet. I have two dogs and a teenager with friends coming over all the time, Practically the dirt everywhere!

My friend told me about this company that does affordable carpet cleaning - it was a lifesaver!

They were super friendly and easy to work with - They managed to completely remove all stains, odor and high traffic areas marks.

Tip of the DAY!!! How to Clean Pet's Urine Out of a Carpet, or Rug by yourself???

It is important to eliminate the pet spot on carpet quickly. Start by blotting up as much of the urine as possible using paper towels. Prepare a spray bottle filled with a solution made of soap and water, a small sponge or rag... While there may be different opinions as to how much water should be used when mixing with soap, you will find that it takes very less from both is better 😉 Remember to blot, not rub the area after cleaning! Once dry, baking soda can be used on it's own!!! For larger areas and severe odors, feel free to contact our Carpet Cleaning Squad

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There are many Carpet Steam Cleaning Companies serving your area... However, our company specializes in pet odor & pet stains extraction from rugs, carpets and upholstery. We can remove pet's urine, and pet's Odor quickly and efficiently. Our carpet cleaning personnel uses the enzymes cleaning solution to eliminate pet odors, then it dries completely clear (so you don't see any trace of what was there before). The enzyme based cleaners that we use will clean pet odors safely; It's very effective, safe for pet and people, especially children. Our pet cleaning results are excellent – both odor control and remove all traces of pet accidents/urine /spills. We use pet/urine enzyme based cleaner that works great in removing pet odors and stains permanently. Our professional technicians have over 7 years experience in removing pet odors from carpets, rugs ,and upholstery. We guarantee 100% satisfaction on all jobs. 

Rating: 4.8 out of 5 Stars Actual Honest Reviews!!! See what our customers says about us: Affordable Carpet Cleaning!!! Great Results!!! The Carpet Steam Cleaning Squad did an excellent job!!! 

Pet Urine Removal is meant for liquids that have already soaked into the carpet. A pet's urine contains high level of Ammonia. Amonia is what dogs and cats excrete when they urinate which gives the urine its characteristic odor. This makes pet stain removal all the more difficult because it requires a number of treatment applications to completely remove pet odors. It is important to eliminate the pet spot on carpet quickly before it has time to set in, so that you can get rid of pet odors naturally. Before pet spots turn into pet stains... pet stain removal must be done correctly, or else there will be a lingering pet odor problem!!! Pet spot stains are most likely to occur on carpeting both during accident time... when pet urinates or vomits unexpectedly, but can also happen on soft surfaces like bedding or clothing. Pet odor removal requires two separate steps: pet urine removal, followed by pet odor treatment.

If you need assistance with pet urine removal, odor removal, or an Emergency Flood Related, Water Intrusion, or Water Extraction Needs; Feel Free to contact our Carpet Cleaning Squad by a Text Message, or a WhatsApp Message to: 240-464-1912, Or contact us Tool Free at: 888-887-4659

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Carpet Cleaning Squad Powerful Steam Cleaning. We specialized in Spot Removal. We could clean Wine, Coffee, Oil, Kool Aid, Crayon, Paint and many other stains.

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